How minimalism thought me the value of items

Minimalism value items

Since I became interested in Minimalism, my main goal was to get rid of stuff that I don’t need or use. But living in an empty apartment was never my goal. A couple of years passed and my house is still cluttered with stuff. I realised that the process of getting rid of the non essentials is an ongoing project that will take time, experience and has a steep learning curve.

It sounds silly, but in the process of decluttering I become mindful about physical objects. I used to buy clothes regularly just to fill the void. If I don’t use the item I can always throw it away I thought.

That mindset still baffles me when I think of it. The money I just threw out of the window because I was bored while buying the 12th pair of sneakers. The more I bought the less I enjoyed new items.

Minimalism initially started as a “clean out your closet” project. Over the months the project transformed into a lifestyle. A lifestyle that rekindled the appreciation of items of value. Long gone is the urge to start a buying frenzy. Instead I wear cloths, sometimes old pieces, that bring me joy every time I put them on. At the same time I save money and a lot of spare time, browsing mindless through online shops.

Some of the items I posses stand out of the crowd and I want to mention them. There are no affiliate links in this posting so don’t worry. All I want to do is pay homage to five companions that I learned to appreciate after learning about minimalism. The goal of this posting is to encourage you to do the same and find your favorite companions that bring value to your life.

Companion 1: Philipps hue light

I bought the Philipps hue light 8 years ago and I have been using it every day since. For someone with light sleep waking up to the warm sunrise the hue light projects is every day an experience. Long gone are the loud noised from an alarm clock that made me anxious about waking up. But not just waking up is a breeze with the hue light. Every time I go to bed I use the option to dim the room slowly. Thank you Philipps hue light for the comfort and joy your provide me and for the ultra cosy mood you create in my bedroom.

Companion 2: Le Creuset Dutch oven

Almost 16 years ago my mom gave me an orange Le Creuset Dutch oven that I did not touch for about 6 full years. I was afraid to scratch it and cleaning was a pain therefore I just let my dutch oven sit on the side line. When I learned about properly using a dutch oven and how easy you can clean it with soda my cooking skill instantly leveled up. Thank you my orange friend for helping me bake wonderful breads and slow cook the most delicious curries.

Companion 3: Kindle paperwhite

The moment I bought my kindle paperwhite my reading habit improved dramatically. I have to admit this was also because I was able to download many books for free. I changed that habit because I want to pay the authors for teaching me new things and bringing me joy. Also I don’t want to clutter my kindle with countless free books that I will never read. Paying for every book I buy lets me make a conscious decision about what interests me the most.

The kindle is light, the battery does rarely die, even after all those years and the layout of the device is simple and minimalistic. I love that thing so much that I gifted a few kindles to relatives and friends in the hope that they find it as valuable as me. Thank you kindle for all the wisdom you provide me with.

Companion 4: Xiaomi Band

The value I get out of Xiaomi products keeps surprising me. Because I am a happy customer of this Chinese brand I keep buying items from them. For years I had a Mi Band which is basically a step counter.

But it is more than that, you can set alarms and timers with just two clicks. The Mi band is light and always at my wrist. I would have the same options on my phone but I don‘t like having my phone with me all the time. The best part of the Mi band is the battery life. A full charge lasts easily a month. The band is waterproof, always ready to go and the vibrating alarm can wake me up gently without disturbing my wive or the kids.

The Mi band not only keeps me motivated to walk more, it also makes sure that I don‘t forget the laundry or to turn the oven off at the right time.

Companion 5: Sonos speakers

Lastly we have my trusty Sonos speakers. About six years ago I bought a play 1 and play 5 second hand but barely used. I plugged the speakers in and they are running daily every since.

We love to have some background music on and sonos does not disappoint. The setup of the speakers is basically plug in and play. There are updates from time to time but other than that they just do what they are supposed to do and work.

Never did I experience an outage or a failure, one click and they play music. It sounds funny when I read the those lines but it is rare that a product is actually working as intended without any annoying sign outs, forced setup changes or add ons that you need to buy.

Sonos speakers are not cheap but considering the hustle free experience and reliability they provide, they are worth every cent. Thank you Sonos for just working without any complaints.

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