Checking your weather app instead of looking at the sky


Perception is the way we see the world. Depending on our current goals, priorities as well as experiences, the world takes shape accordingly.

As we slowly shift to a virtual word, technology is a key factor that influences our view of the world. 10 years ago this would have been thought impossible. To live in the virtual world I always thought of Ghost in the Shell, one of my favourite Animes. Major Kusanagi, the main character is an android, with her Ghost connected to the web. She is able to switch from the virtual to the real world in an instant.

When you look around outside, you realised that the distant future is already upon us. We have no chips planted into our head yet but mobile phones do a decent job keeping us connected. And there seem to be more virtual zombies roaming the plant each day. Their eyes are glued to the small screen and their thoughts are elsewhere while their body is on autopilot in this world. Sometimes it looks like empty shells walking headless around the neighbourhood.

Other culprits that try to change our perception of the world are politics and the media. The former president Donal Trump was a good example of that phenomenon. He shaped his view on the world to his advantage, ignoring what was right and wrong. Because he has a huge following this “false truth” spilled into social- and mainstream media affecting a lot more people.

Fake news are another example where groups or individuals try to force an opinion on us that they declare as the truth. This is particularly evident in the current Covid debate.

The question I ask my self these days is, does it matter if anything is real of fake? The line between reality and fantasy often seems blurry. Is this a problem or is it irrelevant?

“What’s the difference, fantasy, reality, dreams, memories. It’s all the same, just noise.” – Batou from Ghost in the Shell

Personally I want the two to be clearly distinguishable. Are we not loosing ourselves as humans when we are not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality?

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and see things. Once virtual reality becomes main stream who knows if the blurry line between real and fake disappears for ever. Maybe at one point we won’t be able tell anymore what is what.

Meanwhile I try to live a mindful life and be present here and now. While thinking about this I catch myself sitting on the balcony checking the local weather app. The sky is just above me but I trust my app more than the real thing.

Did I already cross the line to the new realm and am I too late to return? I have a feeling I will never find out.

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