Sunday evening end of vacation Poem


It is August, rainy and slightly to cold for summer. In fact it was like this the whole year. At the same time the rest of the world is suffering during unprecedented heat waves. The days are still long but we all feel autumn is just around the corner preparing his comeback. The leaves are still green but the first weak ones already surrender and turn brown. Soon the trend will capture the majority of the leaves and forests will shine in splendid colours. It is Sunday evening and the last day of a two week vacation.

I am Between the changing seasons trapped in the space time continuum.

I wake up in a big hamster wheel. People around me are all grey and shape less. Nothing is funny or inspiring. I am swimming in an ocean of nameless fish. I have the urge to quote someone in order to sound legit. I don’t because I know I am although no one is able to see it besides me. No worries, I am not here for fame or glory. I am a traveler who speaks a language no one seems to understand. Constantly looking for like minded people but finding none.

Having a good life and being grateful for it. Still I’m not able to satisfy my thirst for a deep conversation about all the mysteries out there. So many people just occupy their minds with busyness instead asking real questions.

Meanwhile I myself am afraid to jump into the river of knowledge because I might have to abandon what I hold dear to my heart.

Am I a coward?

I am standing here with all I got. Where will the path take me? Let’s find out and click continue.