How to manage your time better

How to manage time

The last posting discussed the topic why we are wasting so much time and treat it like an abundant resource. Today we talk about tips and tricks on how to make more of your time and give time the special treatment it deserves. here are some tips on how to manage time better.

Our time is ours to command

We own our time and not vice versa. Do you know the conflicting feeling when you are asked for a meeting with people that you don’t feel like attending but you do it anyway out of curtesy? Try to avoid that by saying No more often. Only commit to happenings and events that you want to go to.

People that use the phrase “I don’t have time” don’t follow this principle. If you should find yourself in that situation it is high time to get your priorities in order.

Only invest time in things that excite you

So many projects and so little time. Avoid the multioption trap by only pursuing topics that excite you. Simon Sinek goes even further by stating that you should only do things that you say hell yea to, the rest is a big fat no. Most topics might fall into the maybe or I am not sure category. Get rid of those and don’t make any compromises.

Plan your day/week

In order to progress with your work or passion project plan ahead and make sure to have room and time for it. It will not always work because life can get in your way. Nevertheless, if you don’t do any planning at all chances are that you do other things.

Checklist and Todolists can support you

Similar to planning use tools to help you. I find lists in general helpful. Check- and todolists show you what is ahead of you but also what you achieved. Use a blank page to keep it simple or move to digital tools and apps like Obsidian or Notion, what ever you fancy will work.

Block your time

Use your calendar to block time for deep work or projects. At work this is being done via outlook and to set up meetings. Use the same for your leisure time you will be amazed how much more you can do with your time.

Use deadlines to progress

The perfect partner for the last three points mentioned is a deadline. Having a sense of urgency helps you progress quicker than just working on something without milestones. I am struggling with this a lot. What helps me is to tell people about my intentions to get a sense of duty and to safe face. Let’s say you are writing a book and you are serious about this project. Announce this to your friends and family to be accountable.

Don’t be nice, be honest and say no

You have to protect your time by any means. Blocking time and planning is a great start but execution is crucial. Protect your time from culprits that want to steal it. The best weapon is a simple no. Don’t lie and find excuses follow the hell yea or no principle. Don’t be nice, be honest to people.

Do your priorities first thing in the morning

Start first with your most important tasks when your mind is fresh and decision fatigue is low. We all know the good intentions to do a workout or write something in the evening. What will happen is that after dinner Netflix and co will tempt you to join them. Therefore accomplish your most important task first and win the day.

Avoid FOMO (fear of missing out) and be satisfied

Lastly be happy where and who you are. So many people are never satisfied with themselves no matter what they do. It is not necessary to stress out about every detail. Plans can change, meetings get delayed life goes on. The important part is that you are on your journey. Being content with ourselves and enjoying the road makes life’s experience richer.

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