Why are so many people investing their lifetime poorly? 🙉🙊🙈

investing lifetime poorly

Our lifetime is the most precious asset we ever hold. Lifetime is finite and no one knows how much of it is left in his lifetime bank account.

Yet this most precious resource is treated like it is infinitely available. Most people come to this realization at the last stage of their journey….when it is to late. No wonder the number one regrets of people dying are:

  • Why did I not live according to my own wishes
  • Why did I care so much what others think of me
  • Why did I loose touch with so many of my friends

So why are so many people investing their own lifetime poorly?

Our society holds certain values high and a lot of standards are designed to please other people or just to fit it. In the East this much worse compared to the West.

Yes let’s buy an overpriced brand new car in order to impress our colleagues and neighbors. What a great idea to spend your hard earned cash for a reputation that only you can see yourself. You might think you look successful but in truth most people don’t even pay attention. Great job patting yourself on the shoulder for a fantasy story that ultimately chains you to a boring life in with a 9 to 5 job for eternity.

I see so many colleagues and friends at jobs that make them miserable. When I ask about their plans or if they have any alternatives in mind the answer is always the same:

being stuck in the uncomfortable circle

Even thought they suffer most of the time all their focus lies on what might possibly go wrong if they should switch the lane that leads to another destination. Uncertainty is always the excuse for inactivity or lack of possibility. But did you actually try? Of course not because watching Netflix in the evening is what you will do.

While I can relate to some point it still boggles my mind that status quo is holding such a high reputation. In reality we feel most comfort in being in the uncomfortable circle. Why not take a small risk to improve life quality instead of declaring defeat with out even trying?

There is no universal rule that your day job consists of five days a week between 8 am – 5.30 pm. Why not do something else part-time for less money and use the free time to follow a passion of yours? “But then I can not fly business class to my favorite resort!”.

Ok I understand but you are honestly telling me you prefer living in misery the whole year just to enjoy 4 weeks of bliss? You invest five days a week in an uncomfortable environment to get two days of weekend in return?

investing lifetime poorly 3

No one is telling you to reinvent the wheel or follow in Elon Musk’s footsteps but at least try to improve your situation a little bit. I guess you belong to the “Thank god it is Friday” crew.

When I was in the army to do the mandatory basic training everybody there was miserable. But every Friday afternoon most people were ecstatic and euphoric about the weekend ahead. My two year old behaves the same way when you show him something of interest. I admired and at the same time pitied my friends in the army about their happiness for a weekend. All I could think of was that Monday is already peeking around the corner waiting to jump on us, so what is all the fuss.

The TGIFers, who loved life on Friday during this time looked always miserable the next Monday. It felt like they didn’t expect that Monday will make a glorious return.

So I focused on the end of our military service instead to have a goal in mind. I didn’t want to be trapped in the recurring weekend Fata Morgana.

We human beings seem to value routine more than fulfillment. We prefer being trapped in a dark house instead of exploring the surrounding forest. When that happens during a short period of your life it is not worth loosing any sleep over it. But when decades fly by than something must be wrong don’t you agree? Why are so many of us tricking themselves into slavery for a fake promise of freedom?

Apparently that is the case. Whenever I discuss this topic with friends and co workers this becomes apparent. The thought to change something seems for most people so far fetched that they look at me with almost pitiful eyes. And they always have two or three arguments ready to shoot why leaving the rat race is obviously a bad idea.

And this is the scary part for me. Not taking actions is one thing but not even exploring and discussing alternatives makes me speechless.

Looking at friends and colleagues who prepare their little ones at the earliest possible moment queue for the rat races is just sad. Here is a case where the faith of an unborn child is already being decided and set in motion posted on the Mustachian Post forum: 😶

investing life time poorly 5

Society does a good job promoting the zombie lifestyle. If you don’t agree with me just go to a bus station on a Monday morning and look at the people. You will find a horde of zombies glued to their devices. In thoughts they are somewhere else, probably the next vacation or weekend. They neglect the here and now completely and again trade the present for something in the future.

Their lifetime is being spent carelessly for an option later on. But when that event arrives, people are often so exhausted that they can’t fully enjoy it. The result you hear often after someone is back from their holidays. “It was great but way to short, the moment I started to relax I had to come back. I can’t wait for my next (insert endless loop)”.

”Yesterday is history , tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift… that’s why they call it the present.” – Master Oogway

Meanwhile life is happening and the sand of time is flowing slowly and quietly depleting your lifetime. Seasons change, presidents come and go and even though we look in the mirror we don’t see the passage of time. When we finally do, it will probably be to late.

Next week I will post about how to manage time better to offer some ideas 😎.

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