10 Questions you should be asking yourself regularly

10 questions you should ask yourself

Inspired by a twitter post from @gregisenberg

Life can be hectic, busy and feel overwhelming at times. Not getting lost in all that hustle and bustle can be challenging. It might help you if you to throw out the anchor on your high-speed boot called life and take a moment to reflect and think. Here are 10 questions that you should be asking yourself on a regular basis. This will work for your personal and business life.

Question One: Did you start your day with a win?

Starting your day with a victory, no matter how small, sets the tone for the day. It doesn’t matter what it is, enjoy a cup of tea, be grateful for what you have or just do 10 push ups.

Question Two: What are your priorities?

Setting and tracking goals is a powerful tool. Ask yourself what are your priorities?

  1. Freedom
  2. Money
  3. A new skill
  4. Health

Being focused in a distracted world makes all the difference and life will reward you.

Question Three: Why are you always playing defense?

Reacting is emotional and responding is rational. This goes for your private life as well as your business life. Don’t be emotional, be rational, learn and adapt. Don’t be the person that is only reacting, you will otherwise not get anything done which is frustrating.

Question four: Why not think in decades instead of just years?

New year’s resolutions seldom work as they are often overambitious and impossible to follow for more than a couple of weeks. Instead think long term and plan in decades. Start slow but be persistent and build up those habits that lead you to your goals. Be a strategist vs announcing to your surroundings after a couple of drinks at a new year’s party to have a sixpack by the next summer.

Question five: Do you know what game you’re playing?

Every game has rules, romance game, school game, business game or investing game. Success is mostly understanding the rules and knowing how to beat the game. Talent helps but successful people focus on the games’ rules.

Question six: Why are you wasting people’s time?

People are busy, when you want something from someone get straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush and just say what you have to say.

Question seven: Why do you take things so personally?

When you are young you care what everybody thinks of you.

Once you are middle aged you stop caring what everybody thinks of you.

When you are old you realize that no one was thinking of you in the first place.

Question eight: Are you looking for real answers or just to validate your beliefs?

Seeking the truth requires leaving the path where most people walk and question common beliefs. You will get a lot of negative feedback while doing so which takes courage. Validating your own beliefs is the coward’s way and very easy to do.

Question nine: Are you earning trust or just focusing on success?

Earning trust is a rare commodity and takes effort and caring. If you earn a persons’ trust you will have a companion for life to support you. If you just focus on building success you will alienate yourself from your peers and contribute to a mostly toxic environment. This is best seen at cultures of large corporations where success is always in the spotlight and trust is waiting on the side line in the rain :(.

Question ten: Are you happy where you are?

This question should always be at the core of all your decisions. If you don’t know what happiness means for you think back of your childhood pursuits and start looking for it. Money, Reputation or a nice car can never fill the void when you are not happy who you are and what you do.

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