Diversify your portfolio with dividends in kind

The year is still young and the dividend hunting season has been opened. When you think of dividends you think of cash. But dividends don’t always come in the form of cash, there are interesting alternatives that are worth taking a look at. I present to you three dividends in kind that might be an interesting alternative for your investment portfolio

1. Lindt & Spruengli the Rolce Royce among dividends in kind

A Swiss classic are the shares of the famous chocolatier house Lindt & Spruengli. A single share of Lindt & Spruengli will set you back 85’000.00 Swiss Francs, an investment that one has to be able to afford. If you are the lucky owner of one of these high-priced shares you are able to attend the yearly general meeting. Your reward is an almost 5 Kg heavy blue case full of chocolate. Your teeth might suffer and you probably gain some weight, the legendary blue chocolate case is a worthwhile investment after all. Your lifelong supply of Lindt & Spruengli Chocolate will be secured and if you are not able to eat it all you will be able to gift parts of your dividend in kind among your family and friends.

2. How about a new night gown for the Misses (Calida)

Calida produces high quality sleeping wear and is the second interesting option for dividends in kind. If you own 20 Shares of Calida and register them in the shareholder registry you will be able to choose once a year from a Calida Pajama (Man, Woman, Child). Calindas’ sleeping wear enjoys good quality and is worth about 80.00 Swiss Franc. As I never like to buy sleeping wear, the 20 shares I own guarantee me a constant supply that will last a life long. Next to the yearly dividend I don’t have to spend any more time looking for and buying a new night gown. This is a clear win win in my book.

3. How about a visit in the Zoo of Zurich?

The Zurich Zoo is popular among locals and tourists, children and old folks. The Zoo has been transformed in recent years and has now an artificial rain forest (Masuala Hall), Thai elephants, an African Savana to just mention a few things. You can dine at the zoo, get married there or get a tour by a local guide. You can buy shares from the Zoo at 150.00 Swiss Francs. The dividend in kind is a free entry valid for two years. If you are not able to go you can gift this entry to anyone. Buying a share of the Zoo is a perfect gift idea for a new born to have a lifelong Zoo ticket supply.

These are just three options that I particularly like. There are many more dividends in kind available, especially tickets for mountain railways are very common. Personally, I love to get some dividends in kind to diversify my portfolio instead of just your good ol’ cash flow.

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