It all began with Game of Thrones

Welcome traveller, take a seat, breath and have a drink.

On this blog you will find articles about Focus, financial mindfulness and self-improvement. Implementing these three topics into my own life, helps me to live a more meaningful, intentional, creative and happy life.

I live in Switzerland, a country that prospers and where people have no worries, at least that is what people looking in from the outside think. While there is a lot of wealth in Switzerland and compared to other countries Switzerland is often ranked on the top spots. But money is not everything in life and you can’t buy happiness.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life, which I am thankful for because I learned from these lessons and keep learning. Growing older is a privilege and therefore I am grateful for the time I have on earth.  

My job is in the finance industry and it is a job I already wanted as a kid. But I didn’t want that job because it particularly interested me. My goal was always to have financial stability and I believed with having achieved that, happiness is the logic consequence. Also it doesn’t hurt if you follow a job that has some prestige I thought. With that I am all set and can live my life happily until I ride into the sunset. Passion, motivation and enjoyment was never that important in my choice of a professional pursuit which feels odd while looking back. It falls into the bucket better walking the safe route than wander into the unknown which might lead you to all sorts of things.

Five years ago my place of work suddenly switched and I had a commute of 1 hour (one way) instead of the 15 minutes I was used to. This was just one factor that I didn’t like about the new job.

I decided to make the best out of the situation back than and see it in a positive way. Afterall I am healthy and I have a lot to be thankful for. When comparing my life to the world, where many people struggle to make ends meet, I had to laugh about my silliness. A job can always be changed after all.

Ownership was the keyword there and it was at that point, that I took responsibility back for my actions instead of blame something else for my job location switch. I took the opportunity that presented itself with the long commute and started reading the Game of Thrones series. This was a project hanging on my to-do list for a while now. It was my third and final attempt to read all the books before I watch the popular tv series.

Reading books was something I neglected since my childhood. There was no value in this old medium was my belief. A year later I finished the last published book of GoT (a dance with Dragons). It was a fascinating experience and I was looking forward to my daily reading time. The act of reading a book felt a bit like meditation, it was not only interesting but also relaxing and deeply rewarding. While reading I was only focusing on one thing blocking out all other distractions which was a great feeling. It felt simple yet fulfilling and I still remember that feeling.

The decision to make something good out of a bad situation resulted in me rediscovering books again and books can open new worlds. This small investment is paying constant dividends to this day. It was the first step to reclaim ownership of my life again and to steer clear into a future that I was building the way I envision it with dreams and goals to reach.

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