Optic what?

The OpticOptimist is a blog about self-improvement and becoming a better captain of yourself. Self-improvement comes through constant learning, staying curious and questioning the status quo. Leveling up yourself evolves around the following subjects, that are not being thought at school:

Investing in yourself by constantly learning and reflecting about life widens your horizon and clears away uncertainties about the big questions. In a world that is getting more connected by the day it is important not to lose sight of yourself and shift your focus back to the here and now.

Everybody is seeking happiness but only a few take the time to define this state for themselves. I constantly want to improve my quality of life therefor I keep reading, searching and experimenting with new ideas and concepts.

While growing up, seeking happiness meant having enough money to live a comfortable life. I made a lot of choices based on that principle which led to some sort of financial stability but also restlessness and emptiness.

A couple of years ago I changed my focus and took up the habit of reading again after many years. Applying this habit back into my life opened up a new world full of wonder and curiosity. I switched from passive consumption to active learning, like when I was a kid. My outlook on life and the future changed completely in that process. Sometimes it feels like a veil has been lifted from my head.

This blog is intended to share my thoughts, keeping a journal of my journey and ultimately finding like minded people.